Personal Hosting Service - Organizer and hostess

Levi, Kittilä

Lapland Finland

Northern Europe




Levi is the name of the biggest ski resort in Finland. Located in Kittilä town, Lapland area, above the arctic circle. Levi is where nature and busy ski village collaborates. It is easy to reach by plane,  Kittilä airport is just 16 km away. Levi center is quite small but effective village with several different restaurants, shops, spa and activities providing companies. Feeling in Levi is safe, warm and international. Customer here is everybody’s customer and we service providers take care of you together.

Nature is all around us here and we highly respect and value it when having wonderful experiences through multiple activities it’s making achievable for us to do here, full year around. We have worlds cleanest air and water. Outdoor silence, authentic and open nature is just few steps away from your cabin door. Come and explore this with us!